Wondering why there's no Kindle for Web

It seems really logical that Amazon would add a Kindle book viewer to their web site. Then, it wouldn't matter what operating system I'm running. Currently, Linux users are left out in the cold. Aside from that, I think many users might prefer to just user their browser rather than download a client.
I don't currently have a Kindle, but I do have Kindle on my Android phone and the PC client. 

Check your Facebook privacy settings

This interesting app at http://zesty.ca/facebook/ lets you see what is publicly available through Facebook's new data APIs. Facebook's latest privacy settings are a real mess, so I think it's important that people have some transparency into what is actually being made public. 

Still, after a fair amount of work, it does seem possible to make most of your profile private, at least as exposed through this API. Here's what you can see for my profile after I've made some rather restrictive changes to my settings: http://zesty.ca/facebook/#/dfjones

"Remember, if it's in the news don't worry about it. The definition of "news" is something that almost never happens."

Remember, if it's in the news don't worry about it. The definition of "news" is something that almost never happens.

That's a quote from Bruce Schneier, posted as a comment to his blog article about why there aren't more terrorist attacks.

I think it's an interesting notion and certainly not the way I normally think about the news.


Facebook is the new AOL

It's amazing how much technology changes over time and, yet, how cyclical things can be. MySpace = GeoCities
Facebook = AOL

If you think about it, most of what AOL offered is now, in some way, a feature on Facebook.

I wonder what the future holds for Facebook. Will they continue to gain popularity? Or will they degrade into a locked down ghetto that everybody hates but deals with because that's all they have?