Twitter created a big stir today by announcing new restrictions for anyone using their API. I'm left wondering how this will affect them in the long run. It's easy to see how this could start a trend of "early-adopter" types moving to other platforms.

For me, Twitter has always been a sort of frivolous fun. I do get enjoyment out of it, but how much real content or engagement can you squeeze into 140 characters? Not to mention there are still many usability issues, such as following conversations (especially among more than 2 people) and handling external content and links.

That said, I think Twitter is amazing for its real-time feed; something I can tap into on just about any device I care about. However, as this type of tech becomes commonplace, I wonder what Twitter has in store to continue to delight users and improve as a platform for communication. The Web grows larger every day, but Twitter seems to be trending toward a smaller community by cutting out third-party developers. I can't help but wonder: for what purpose?